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         The 24th The China Hardware Fair Participation agreement

1.The enterprises (include all kinds of manufactory, agent, trading company. Etc) which want to apply for the fair should learn the basic information and applying way of this Hardware Fair on the website first. After filling the full information according to the truth on the website of China Hardware Fair, present to the organizing committee for examining and verifying.
2.All the notice of this fair will be presented by the website, the day presents the notice will also be the day of service for the notice.
3.The participation enterprises should check all the notice through the website on time in order to do the payment and present the related information timely.
4.Please kindly note that this fair is not include the doors’ products.
5.Please kindly follow the close to the line of fair’s order. When doing the living presentation, please equip with the equipment for avoiding the noise and dirt.
6.All the promo should be in the booth of each own.
7.Please take care of your valued stuff (PC, mobile phone, camera and so on) by yourselves.
8.The certificate of trading and ID card of participation enterprises should not be lent or sold to anyone else, once be found will be confiscated.
9.All the participation enterprises should observe the preset-time to do the exhibition layout and move out. (There will be notice if the time is changed.)
10.The participation enterprises who wants to apply for the special booth should observe following list:
10.1.Sign a contract about the special booth’s decoration with our investment promotion & trading group.
10.2.The decoration scheme should be basis on the position, specification and height (no more than 4.5M) of the booth. And label the name of participation enterprise and decoration company, then send this information to the investment promotion & trading group for verifying before 15th Sep, 2013. The raw material for decoration should be mainly the Stainless steel and aluminum, if insist on other material, they should can be reach the fire protection standard.
10.3.Once the decoration scheme is approved, the decoration company should do the previous jobs out of the pavilion, and on 17th~19th Sep, 2013 enter the pavilion to fix the decoration of booth.
10.4.The decoration company must own the trading certificate and present it to the investment promotion & trading group for verifying and sign an ‘Agreement of managing for special decoration booth’ with us. If some decoration company was judged as the unwelcome one will be forbidden to enter the pavilion. When making the decoration, please must make sure the fire safety, observe the managing rule of pavilion, should not break any equipment of pavilion. Detailed managing rule please kindly see the file.
10.5.All the special booths should be removed by yourselves after exhibition (within 8th ~12th Oct)
11.The exhibitors are not allowed to make hole, draw with knife, post up, make marks on the board and aluminum alloy material. The heavy products are not allowed to hang up on the board or against the board. It has a pecuniary punishment if the exhibition tools are broken. Causing loss of other exhibitors should be compensated.And the weight of productions are no more than 5tons.
12.If there is one of such situation, please apply with the investment promotion & trading group first.
12.1.There is large-scale promo in the booth, such as inviting the stars and bands.
12.2.There are mobile promotion workers out of the booth.
12.3.There is some special reason that need layout or removes the exhibition in advance.
13.If there is one of such situation, the organizing committee has the right to warn and ask the participation enterprise to amend. If the case is serious, the committee has the right to take back the booth without any condition.
13.1.Transfer the booth to other enterprise privately.
13.2.Post advertisements casually in the pavilion.
13.3.The products for exhibition are different from with the types of applying.
13.4.Make the retail when it is on exhibition.
13.5.The noisy and dirt of the living promo seriously impact surrounding booths.
13.6.Show the doors’ production in the booth.
14.Privacy protection: protect the privacy is the basic principle of our organizing committee; we will never make the information of participation enterprise public only if such situation.
14.1.The enterprises give us the right to,
14.2.Required by the relative laws,
14.3.Required by the relative government agencies.
14.4.In order to maintain the interest of society.
14.5.It is needed because the promo of website and publication of journal。
15.Intellectual property rights
15.1.This hardware fair has a intellectual property rights complaint center.
15.2.The complaint center will accept the complaint of the infringement of intellectual property rights.
15.3.The administrative departments of intellectual property can handle according the protection of intellectual property rights of expo. 16.Indemnification
16.1.The organizing committee couldn’t make the promise that satisfies all the need of participation enterprises.
16.2.The organizing committee couldn’t take the responsibility because of some irresistible reason or requirement of government that cause the delay or termination of the fair.
17.Legal jurisdictions
17.1.The conclusion, carrying out, explanation and settlement of disputes of this agreement is suitable for the Chinese law and have jurisdiction over the Chinese court.
17.2.The conclusion of this agreement is according to the relative laws of China, if there is any dispute, both can institute legal proceedings for the local court.
17.3.The final right of explanation for this agreement belongs to the organizing committee of China hardware fair.

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